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Continue your inquiry at the Master’s feet — excerpt from an interview with Mooji

Spiritual Transmission

The following is an excerpt from an interview with Mooji for my upcoming book Transformative Relationships: Paradoxes and Dilemmas, in which Mooji discusses how he sees the motivation of some of his students to teach. Mooji further explores the question of the motivation to teach (and other topics) in another interview I recently did with him, Read More ->

Whose Awakening Is It? — an excerpt from a Skype interview with Mooji

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Master-Disciple Relationship is Erotic Relationship 

Spiritual Transmission

“Eroticism, covert or declared, fantasized or enacted, is in-woven in teaching, in the phenomenology of mastery and discipleship. This elemental fact has been trivialized by a fixation on sexual harassment. But it remains central. How could it be otherwise? Every “break-in” into the other, via persuasion or menace (fear is a great teacher) borders on, Read More ->

Love’s Dark Side

Spiritual Transmission

The following is a selection from an article by Sufi master Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, whose title is “What does it mean to be a teacher”: Most wayfarers are taken Home through the simple power of love working within them… but sometimes the ego is too strong to surrender and then the disciple needs to be broken. Read More ->

Distinguishing Oneself From the Teacher

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The difficulty for students to distinguish themselves from a charismatic teacher is evident in the words of Wittgenstein’s student, Alice Ambrose, about the effect he had on his students: “When a person who is intensely alive also has great originality of mind, the impact on those who work with him is a blend in which Read More ->

Doubt and Certainty

Spiritual Transmission

I received this morning the transcript of part of an interview I did with a student of Sufi master Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri, a man by the name of Faadil Khan. The following is a short piece in which he talks about doubt and certainty: 00:36:45… Faadil: Once I was sitting with Shaykh Fadhlalla and he Read More ->

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