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The purpose of the What is your spiritual inclination? quiz is to help you better understand what spirituality means to you: what your basic beliefs, assumptions, path, goals, questions, and practices are, and where your spiritual center of gravity is in the big wide world of spirituality.

As I’m sure you know, different people mean very different things when they refer to spirituality – the range can encompass anything from coffee readings to social activism to experiences of total immersion in the Absolute to life in the service of God. The multitude of answers people give when asked about what spirituality is for them can be classified in different ways. The Nine Spiritual Inclinations used in the quiz was created by crossing two basic and commonly-known classifications:

  1. the classification to 1st-, 2nd– and 3rd-person spirituality (also referred to as Subjective, Collective and Objective spirituality and as Inward-, Sideways- and Upward-oriented spirituality) – see “Spirit in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Person“); and
  2. the classification to Supernatural, Natural and Paranatural spirituality (also referred to as Transcendent, Immanent and Mystical or Occult spirituality) – see “Supernatural, Natural and Paranatural Spirituality“.

See here a detailed explanation of each of the Nine Spiritual Inclinations.


The Mystical Positivist interview


Enlightenment, Take 2

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During the first dozen years of my spiritual journey, all I was really interested in was the possibility of “enlightenment”, which to me meant “direct, unmediated contact with reality.” I had to “get there,” no matter what. Then, at the age of 29, I was catapulted into an enlightenment experience or state, which lasted (at Read More ->

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