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The quiz “What is Your Philosophical Profile” is based on an original classification* to nine philosopher types, according to the questions each type is most concerned with. The nine types are the dialogic (concerned with interpersonal relationship, intimacy, love, responsibility and care for the other), experiential (interested in the human experience of love, hate, happiness, pain etc.), mystical (concerned with that which is beyond the senses and the mind), practical (whose attention is on action and change in the material world), moral (engaged with concepts such as conscience, morality, good and evil), existential (asking questions related to the “self”, the subject, the “I” that each of us is), purposeful (concerned with the meaning of life and purpose in life), consciousness (interested in the ability to know and to know that we know) and sociopolitical (asking questions about equality, freedom, authority and justice) types.

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* © 2016 Amir Freimann


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