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Q&A — by Amnon Zakov


Behold the Big Questions, Behold the Big Answers, And behold this small bewilderment: Do they answer the questions?   Translated from Hebrew by Amir Freimann

Shaky Identities: Interview with Admiel Kosman


An interview I did some years ago with Israeli poet and thinker Admiel Kosman was translated to English and published at the Poetry International website. Here it is: “I don’t have much to say about being Israeli” Amir: Admiel, who are you? How do you define your identity? Admiel: This might sound strange to you, but Read More ->

Spirit in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Person

Spiritual Quiz

As mentioned in the post “Nine Spiritual Inclinations – Start Here,” different people mean very different things when they refer to spirituality in general and to their spirituality in particular, including anything from self knowledge to social activism to immersion in the Absolute. The multitude of answers people give when asked about what spirituality is Read More ->

Supernatural, Natural and Paranatural Spirituality

Spiritual Quiz, Spirituality

This classification is a product of merging two fundamental, ancient, and commonly used distinctions: those between the transcendent and immanent and between the transcendent and esoteric conceptions of Spirit. For purposes of elegant consistency, in the new classification these older terms have been replaced with the terms supernatural, natural, and paranatural: super- means “above” or “outside Read More ->

Philosophy vs Spirituality


Excerpt from The Hermeneutics of the Subject – Lectures at the College de France, 1981-82, Michel Foucault …We will call, if you like, “philosophy” the form of thought that asks, not of course what is true and what is false, but what determines that there is and can be truth and falsehood and whether or Read More ->

Whose Awakening Is It? — an excerpt from a Skype interview with Mooji

Spiritual Transmission

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