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Month: November 2018

Diary Excerpt, 15-Sep-1987, Totnes, UK

Spiritual Transmission

A few days after completing my end-of-year exams in medical school I flew over to the U.K., and was warmly welcomed into one of the sangha (Sanskrit for community) houses of Andrew’s students in Totnes, a town in England’s picturesque South Devon region, where Andrew was staying. A few weeks after arriving in Totnes, I Read More ->

Interview Excerpt – Terry Patten

Spiritual Transmission

This is an excerpt from an interview with Terry Patten* about his relationship with his former teacher, Adi Da (aka Da Free John): Terry: I was with Adi Da for fifteen years, starting in the very early days of his teaching in Los Angeles and Northern California. The awakening, transmission, brilliance, the sweetness of love-bliss Read More ->

Spiritual Intimacy, Sexual Intimacy

Spiritual Transmission

The following excerpts were not included in the chapter Spiritual Intimacy, Sexual Intimacy  in the book. They are taken from my interviews with holistic physician,  psychiatrist, ecological and spiritual leader Gabriel Cousens and with philosopher, cultural activist and publisher of the German integral magazine evolve  Thomas Steininger: Gabriel Cousens Gabriel: To me, the teacher-student relationship is a spiritual marriage. Read More ->

Types of Teacher Based on Goal

Spiritual Transmission

One criterion by which distinctions can be made between different types or models of teacher-student relationship is the goal of the relationship. I came to define this “goal-role” criterion when contemplating the classification by tradition, proposed by philosopher Peter Sloterdijk in You Must Change Your Life.   The Hindu guru According to Sloterdijk, “In schematic Read More ->

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